About RRoD

RRoD is a gaming blog dedicated to critical writing on gaming whilst being accessible to those outside of the critical community. We plan to focus more on editorials, impressions, retrospectives and anything else which is conducive to informed and constructive discussion about the subject we all love, gaming. We are not a reviews site and will not try to compete with the myriad of other such sites which can do this job far better than we could. What we do want to encourage is informed discussion, the circulation of each others ideas and to promote sincere and honest writing about games and gaming culture.

Who We are:

Chris Green –

“Chris or chr156r33n here! I guess you could say that I like games, although leaving it at that would most probably be considered a massive understatement. I established RRoD with the view to produce something which was able to look critically at gaming without taking itself too seriously – life is too short for that! Besides gaming my biggest interests are writing, which includes blogging, short fiction writing and a non-linear narrative project you can read about here on RRoD. I’m currently a Masters student studying Film and Literature in addition to being a games buyer for a high street store. Any questions, queries or some such please get in contact via twitter @chrisgreen87 or email ex_con87 ‘at’ hotmail.com

Mike Dunbar –

“My name’s Mike Dunbar, and in terms of games I’m having a go at experimental modding, and making a point-and-click adventure about dogs with my girlfriend. My interests as a writer are primarily in game design theory, and the artistic merit of game mechanics. I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2007 with a 2:1 in Bsc Geography. It’s not paying the bills. Should you want to you can contact me on twitter @MikeDunbar or email me at mikepacod ‘at’ gmail.com”

    • ls
    • June 20th, 2010

    Maybe I am really dumb, but I still can’t work out what RRoD stands for… 🙂 (and I don’t seem to find it anywhere on the blog!)

    • It’s an enigma, you’ll never find out…! Only kidding, it’s a play on the red ring errors on the xbox, it started off with the connotations of dread and forboding and applying ithat to games criticism – if you say bad things about a game you must hate gaming. Now it doesn’t reflect that so much but the name stuck.

        • mikedunbar
        • June 21st, 2010

        I’m going to name my webcomic “Videogame Sandwich Diamonds” after this scene in Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense”. Because it says videogames, and has Talking Heads in it.

        First thing you see.

  1. Did I miss something here?

      • mikedunbar
      • June 21st, 2010

      Oh, that’s right. Andy was telling me what graphic tablet to get because I wanted to take my drawings up a notch and have a go at a webcomic. I was trying to name it and I came up with that as I was watching “Stop Making Sense” and I happened to be browsing your reply here and thought I’d let you know how I came up with a silly name.

      In short, no, you’ve missed nothing. Nothing to see here, move along. :p

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